Located in the Calliope Range approximately 75km west south west of Gladstone in the Banana Shire Council local government area. (click image to enlarge)

The proposed Callide Wind Farm project has the potential for an installed wind turbine capacity of some 430MW, comprising both permanent and temporary elements.

Key components would include the following:

  • Some 70 wind turbines with a generating capacity of 5-6MW each and a tip height of around 250m;
  • One or more site substations to collect the power generated from the turbines and to export to the transmission network;
  • Wind farm site tracks;
  • Temporary and permanent wind monitoring masts to measure the wind speed and direction for calculating energy levels;
  • Access from the Dawson Highway; and
  • Temporary construction facilities including construction compounds and wash-down facilities.

The predicted life of the project is approximately thirty years after which time the equipment will either be removed and the site reinstated or refurbished with new equipment.

In September 2023 the project was granted Development Approval by the Queensland Government.

The project is currently being assessed by the Federal Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment, and Water under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Construction is planned to commence in 2024.